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We translate the lines and between the lines in order to take you to the next milestone.

The Alphabet Translation provides high quality translation that is unmatched to its clients from and to almost all of the different world languages at cost-effective prices. The project manager takes care of answering the clients' inquiries and providing them with all of the required information in addition to providing the financial and technical offers. The project manager works also as a connecting point between the clients and translators during and after the translation process.

The Translation Steps:

After reaching an agreement on the payment terms and sending the purchase order by the client, the process of translation passes through the following steps:

  1. Selecting the appropriate translator according to the specialty and nature of the material to be translated.
  2. Preparing a glossary (for large projects).
  3. Translating.
  4. Revision.
  5. And delivery.

Pricing Mechanism:

Pricing is based on the number of pages or words to be translated. As for the page calculation, each 200-words is counted as one page regardless of the paper size. In some cases, the cost is approximately estimated especially for the files where no word or page count can be made. The price is further determined by several factors, the most important of which are:

  1. The languages to be translated from and to.
  2. Size of the document/file, which is to be translated.
  3. Nature of the text to be translated.
  4. Delivery deadlines.


Interpretation is a challenging task, and we love challenge.

Alphabet Translation has a large network of the best interpreters in the UAE, and some of them have over 20 years of experience. They work on facilitating communication between the speaker and the listener in conferences, seminars, workshops, and meetings.

Arabic and English are the official and the mostly used business languages in Emirates; therefore, we designated a large team to serve these two languages while continuing to serve the other main languages. Our interpreters fluently speak Arabic, English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Korean, Persian, etc.

The interpretation service is divided into two sections:

Simultaneous Interpretation: where the interpreter conducts the translation process simultaneously along with the speaker. This service requires special equipment the most important of which are the booth and headsets

Consecutive Interpretation: where the interpreter waits for the speaker to finish his speech then starts to interpret the text to the target language. In most cases, this process doesn't require special equipment.

Alphabet Translation provides audio equipment rental services for interpretation to its clients.

Prices & Fees:

Prices and fees are calculated on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, and the cost is determined according to the following factors:

  1. Languages to be translated from and to.
  2. Period of the project.
  3. Required qualifications and expertise.
  4. Number of daily working hours.
  5. Location of the event.

Revision & Proofreading:

Alphabet Translation offers revision and proofreading service for original texts and translations. The process is handled by one of the translators who has a long experience and acute observation in this field. The revision process includes checking and correcting misspelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes along with wording corrections among other mistakes.

Pricing Mechanism:

The pricing mechanism follows the same parameters of the translation pricing, and it is subject to the same factors that determine the translation fee.

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